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【デジタル版】[Voices from Japan] No.11





Summer 2003 FEATURE: Gender and law -------------------------------------------- [コピー版(白黒印刷・ホッチキス止め)をご希望の場合は、事務局([email protected])までメールにてご注文ください。 その場合、印刷手数料100円および送料200円が別途かかります。] -------------------------------------------- [内容説明] Gender and Law- How far have we progressed for guarantee of women’s human rights and gender equality? To introduce gender-sensitive perspective into the law and judicial system Michiko Nakajima The basic law for a gender-equal society and us Yukako Yanagimoto Has the equal employment opportunity law protected women worker? Mieko Takenobu Misguided maternal protection law Yukako Ohashi The reality and law governing non-Japanese women living in Japan Keiko Ohtsu The view from Okinawa: Women and US military bases Takako Motonaga Criminal law and violence against women: Rape in a gender equal society Tomoe Yatagawa 29th Committee for the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women ? Reports from Japan Hikaru Kasahara A lawsuit against the governor of Tokyo, Mr. Shintaro Ishihara Kyoko Tanaka The urgent appeal Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center Demand to discard a bill for a population policy Tomoko Yaezu A lawsuit against NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) Amane Noguchi Three national emergency bills and Japan’s assistance for the reconstruction of Iraq Kuniko Funabashi Racism in education: Discrimination against Korean schools Young Kim Manipulation hidden behind “Kokoro no Nooto(Notebook of My Mind)”and government intervention in children’s minds Hikaru Kasahara What has been “achived” with the Bill of Gender Change for People with “Gender Indentity Disorder”? Makiko Matsumoto Feminist art activism questioning gender and militarization Hisako Motoyama ============================================ 特定非営利活動法人アジア女性資料センター(AJWRC) E-mail:[email protected] http://www.ajwrc.org/