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【デジタル版】[Voices from Japan] No.20





Winter 2008 FEATURE: Gender and exploitative migration: Refugees and trainees in Japan -------------------------------------------- [コピー版(白黒印刷・ホッチキス止め)をご希望の場合は、事務局([email protected])までメールにてご注文ください。 その場合、印刷手数料100円および送料200円が別途かかります。] -------------------------------------------- [内容説明] Refugees and “trainees” in Japan ? Unfree international migration and systematic discrimination Hisako Motoyama Transformation of the foreign trainee program Sonoko Kawakami The distortion of the foreign trainee program Akira Hatate Foreign female trainees ? When there are no Japanese Chieko Kamibayashi Discrimination and human rights violations against foreign female trainees Naomi Hayasaki Migrant women as working subjects ? a conversation with Leny Tolentino Japan’s refugee policy ? from post-World War II to present day ? Hiroshi Honma The confused state of the refugee recognition system Abuses of refugee women in immigration centers Misaki Yagishita This is a psychological torture ? an interview with Donna Beltran [Recent events and movement] Protest against the series of sexual assaults by U.S. soldiers Lecture on DV canceled in face of protest AJWRC statement on crackdown in Burma ============================================ 特定非営利活動法人アジア女性資料センター(AJWRC) E-mail:[email protected] http://www.ajwrc.org/