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【デジタル版】[Asian Women’s Liberation]No.8 Asian migrant women workers in Japan





1991年4月発行 単価:¥500 (税込み・送料別) [内容説明] NO.8 Asia Migrant Women Workers in Japan 1991.4 Letter from the Editors AWA’s Declaration PartⅠ- Asian Migrant Women Workers in Japan Protection the Human Rights of Asian Workers –AWA Asian Migrant Women Working in Japan’s Sex Industry: Victims of International Trafficking – Matsui Yayori A System of Exploitation –Iyori Naoko Report from Help – Matsuda Mizuho What Rights for Thai Women? – Wanida Wannapira The Silenced Voice of One Asian Worker PartⅡ- Domestic News and AWA Activities Japanese Buddhists Take a Stance on Foreign Workers Sri Lankan Women Wins her Court Case Main Points of the Revised Japanese Immigration Control Law Open Letter to the Prime Minister against Daijosai Reflection on Discriminatory Remarks Made by the Justice Minister The Gulf War Japan AWA’s Projects: Women in Development Thai Women Support Group Taghiyori Support Center Asian Feminist Art AWA’s Publications PartⅢ- Special Contributions The Current Japanese Women’s Movement –Kim Slote